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2018. | melton's work


SO. For the 17 of you that check this site, here are some updates.

  • for the past couple months I’ve taken up hosting duties for Beat Haus, a monthly producer showcase in Brooklyn, NY (next one is on Jan 10th)
  • In wanting to do more web things, I’m starting to involved in a couple projects. More on that in the future
  • I’ve created a map that displays the nearest 25 40 vegan food places in your area. It is using the Google Maps API and also the Yelp API. Check it out here.
  • About 2 month after Civilians was released I also released a bunch of  remixes is it summer yet(aka Piracy Mixes Vol. 1
  • I happened to get some music in the short animated film “Goose in High Heels” by John R. Dillworth (creator of Courage the cowardly dog among other things)

More things to come this year I think. Huzzah