Audible Doctor f. Silent knight, KON, YC the Cynic, Rasheed Chappell and Soul Khan – Stayin’ Busy [remix]

I have some catching up to do.


The Audible Doctor’s “Stayin’ Busy” Remix is a bonus track off of his upcoming “You Should Buy Music Not Make It” EP. The bonus track will only be available on the CD version of the EP as well as the free download card containing the EP that comes with the “You Should Buy Music Not Make It” T-Shirt (both set to drop later this year).

The original track “Stayin’ Busy” (also produced by The Audible Doctor) was released in February, and is the first single from Silent Knight’s upcoming album “Busy Is My Best Friend”.

The single has reached #10 on the nationwide college hip hop charts, and received acclaim from fans, as well as many respectable names in the hip hop community.

SK’s Busy Is My Best Friend (BIMBF) was pushed back from it’s original release date but now, after a few new songs and notable guest appearances have been added, It’s ready to be released to the public very soon!

Download & Stream HERE: